Wednesday, August 15, 2012

TS3 skin
Real1 project

some more development on the facial texture, I tested 2 different upper eyelids, to compare how they look in game

I still think the upper eyelid needs to be pushed more toward the center of the face, and the curve
doesn't look right when blinking,  since I don't have UV, I have to guess and use EA's face as guide.

but I am happy with how the lower part of the face including the weighting of the cheek part that now
is more realistic than before, and also the chin area. I also changed the tear-duct a little to keep it away from distortion by the nose shapes
This comparison with my Glam edition skin shows those updates, This face won't be the new standard of my skin, but only for realistic editions I would make, I will update all my old skin using part of this new development that I see as improvement like the tearduct, and eyelids, and for the body I will include the new hand and foot texture as well. 

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