Monday, August 13, 2012

TS3 skin project

TS3 skin project
These are new skins I'm currently working on

V2R would be my official Classic style Default skin replacer in the same breath with my 2011 V2C design, it has smooth body, not very muscular, and also less character on the face.

it is also a 2 in 1 skin that will blend along with the color ramp.

however I also make a new heavily edited face, almost monstrous looking on the texture I know, as I try to get a realistic feel on it and I call it Real1

here is a facial texture coparison between the 2 and in game preview for both skin used by the same sim to show texture differences between the two


  1. This is awesome, WIP just checked at the Garden. The face looks really good and the lips V2c yeah, make another appearance. Great you have your own blog finally. ( i was the one who wanted your old lips back and you made GOS skin) ^_^

    I hope this doesn't sound like a daft question but V2R is for both male and female. I only ask because i don't see any male previews. Anyway i am going to put the V2R default in my game and pop the the real 1 as non default.

    In real life faces do have blemishes and lines, so it ain't going to be pretty but the more i stare at Real 1 i like it, and when i first saw it at the garden i thought she looks pretty, and very realistic.

    I also think your B.A.S skin is so beautiful. I have seen freckles and pores on many skins, but B.A.S is just so detailed and very true to a person's skin, especially the light freckles on the shoulders and backs. I wish it was a default skin, so i keep putting the non default on my Sims.

    Sorry for going on, you know i talk too much when it comes to your skins. Thank for sharing your works with the community ^_^

  2. I just went into my game, version V2R is beautiful. I really like the eye area and the freckling detail is there on the face and V2c lips. I'm very happy. I think i have my defaults for life. Thank you ^_^ And off course it's for males too (blushes) It's realistic and cute and it's so much fun to make Sims with.

    1. Hi Sackgirl, thank you for your support. I trully enjoy doing this skin set, thank you to CmarNYC too for the easy to use skininator tool, so I can concentrate more on the texturing and not being puzzled by technical part of manual importing the texture like the old days