Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Heavenly Matters casts released

I released all actors i made/ used to make that short story I posted at BAS.
I modified some of them do maybe some would look slightly different.
download those simmies at "sims3 models" section

ASIAN edition skin released

a new first skin in 2013, for asian type simmies, this skin won't replace my older designated asian skin "TSI v2" since I think both have enough differences to co-exist together.

for more details please visit section: The Sims 3 skin PAGE2

Thanks to Buhudain for the Normal map projects !
Thanks to all hair creators, make up creators, sliders creators and poses creators I've been using for taking screenies in my uploads!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

New sim adult female Jamie RIdden released

This is my first post in 2013, maybe 13 might not be lucky number but I hope you all do well this year :)
I have reinstalled my system recently, and seems like I have to fix my windows again... so I haven't make new skin for awhile, anyway I made several simmies
 and today I finished one.

She is an Adult sim, not a YoungAdult, so yeah that explains the creases on her face, I wrote a little background story for her as well.
Please go to my Sims3 model section to downloadand full info of the CC used and credit list

have a great day!