Saturday, August 25, 2012

Facial skin texture comparison

Here are the differences between them


  1. Interesting to see the pics. On the real skins you can really see the little details you put in it to make it look real. GOS and BAS look so cute and V2R. It's weird how skins are made. I pretend to understand, i think i grasp a little of it. Thank God you know what you are doing. For me it's always the lips and the nose area i look for on skins. I like your skins .(^__^)

    1. thank you :)
      yet sometime I spend few hours on something that ended up to be deleted because I can't make it work no matter what ha ha
      I agree
      lips, nose and eyes are the key parts of facial feature

  2. Yes, for me it is the nose, too. I think Glam might be my favorite, but Real 1 is also really nice.

  3. Your skins are amazing ! These are the best! It was really hard to choose a default but I finally chosen the GOS version. I love the eye line and the skin looks good on different type of sims (Asian/realistic/dolly.) The details are impressive. Keep doing your fantastic work !~