Thursday, November 8, 2012

TS3 Hot edition 2 in 1 skin released

perfected Sexy edition, with new features:
- new lips, in natural tone not as pale as Sexy edition
- new back muscle
- more supported/ augmented breast style
- dark circle around the eyes
-GOS type color ramp (pale- caucasian - asian- tan - brown- choco- zombie)
available as Default and Non Default set


  1. Just tested it in game. Looks wonderful~~ But I wonder if you could make a version without the dark circle around the eyes? Pretty please~?

    1. actually my sexy edition can be considered a version without dark circle around their eyes, thank you!

  2. Another one! Great! I feel like Christmas already! Thanks!

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  4. Really love this skin, absolutly perfect and so real looking!!! Stunning work!!!

  5. I love it, i found it to work really well with the face skin of ephemera! <3 i am using this for as long as possible!

  6. your website wont download this skin. It says invalid or deleted. I really want this one as my default skin. I check everyday to see if you have fixed the issue ;-(