Sunday, November 11, 2012

2 new sims model uploaded

today I reconfigures some of my skin model simmies for adoption :) I hope them find good home
both are young adult sim CC credit list, etc, please check in my "Sims3 models"page


  1. Woa, Very good work. I've been using your skins for some times and they make the whole game so much more realistic and fun. CONGRATS!!
    About your models, do I need to install all the files in the sliders folder in my Mods/Packages folders or just using the Sims3Pack is enough?
    Thanks for everything. A fan of your work.

  2. about sliders,install only what you don't already have, I just made it easier since some of them don't have their website anymore while the others are so well known it won't make a difference or cause harm anyway, so I just want to make sure
    the models stay the same. thanks :)

  3. Aww did my other comments get lost. I don't know. So i will say it again then. I am jealous. They are gorgeous but very unique and Zinaida is very sexy(hope i spell it right) and she reminds me of a character from Resident Evil games. I downloaded all of them because they are all great. Love the guy Sim too the contractor. Nice work.

    It's funny because i make most my girls curvy but i always trim their butt size down when i upload them and thighs in case people don't have the body sliders or prefer not to have a curvy Sims. I was reading what you wrote earlier.