Monday, December 10, 2012

Cstyles edition skin released

 I released another edition exclusively at Cstyles Sims 3 Forum
It has default and non default skin, It has similar ramp style I used previously in Sweet Edition
it has blend of old and new lip and busty edition lip style for the dark texture, has nice bikini tanline for female texture, no panda eyes, narrower mouth design

as usual it supports both genders from toddler to elder

 here is the link:


  1. Great Skin, once again! You are so talented! Thanks!

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  3. How do i get this to work? Do i need a special pack? I have created a Mods directory and a subdirectory called packages. The recource file is also there in the Mods directory. I would really like this to work. Please help. The skins look great! // LN